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"We design solenoids
to meet your exact
needs or we will
modify our standard products to your requirements."

Peter Runton
Peter Runton

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AC Solenoids
Runton Engineering, Inc. acquired the Trombetta line of laminated AC solenoids. The part numbers starting with F are Trombetta solenoid numbers. Trombetta also made solenoids as replacements for General Electric. The part numbers starting with G are replacement solenoids for General Electric.
DC Solenoids
These solenoids are designed for a variety of Automation Control tasks with the use of DC power. Nearly every solenoid needs to be customized to fit specific applications. Please specify what will make your application work and if necessary we will modify the solenoid to fit your needs.
Molded Coils
Runton Engineering, Inc. makes a wide range of molded coils, everything from .25" in diameter to over 4". Each customer's requirement is usually different so we design the part and the molds to order.
Replacement Parts & Other Products
Runton Engineering, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of "End of Life" products and "Replacement Parts."
Solenoid Application & Selection Information
Solenoids are used in applications where a short linear force is needed to push or pull. Rotary solenoids are also available where a short rotary force is required. Runton Engineering current manufactures only linear action solenoids

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